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FAQ about Thylejren

  • Question: Can I visit Thylejren whenever I want?
    Answer: Yes! Everyone - children, adults and retirees - are always welcome here.

  • Question: Where can I park?
    Answer: We have a carpark where you can park your car. Please take into account that there is a regular transport of goods and that there must therefore be plenty of space for trucks to pass by.

  • Question: Can I get a guided tour?
    Answer: Yes, but you must inquire well in advance!
    Contact Vibeke: phone no 50363373 to make an appointment. (10-12am or 7-8pm)
    Or text 26201660 - Charlotte, she will call you back

  • Question: Is there a store?
    Answer: Yes, Bixen is open from 10am to 1am and from 4pm to 6pm every day.

  • Question: Can I buy a hot meal?
    Answer: With all probability: no.
    You may be lucky enough to arrive on a day where food is cooked in the Aben or the Cafe, but there is no guarantee. It is possible to cook in the communal kitchen.
    You can buy coffee, tea, soft drinks and beer at the bar in Svampen when it is open.

  • Question: Which payment options are there?
    Answer: Only cash is accepted. You can withdraw money in Frøstrup.

  • Question: May I come and pitch a tent?
    Answer: Always! You can stay here as long as you like in your tent, just remember to ask where you can pitch it - and then you have to pay 10 kroner per. day in Bixen.

  • Question: Can I move here and live?
    Answer: It can be difficult to move in here as we have a limit of 75 adults on our address - and there is no waiting list.
    If you like Thylejren and would like to come and live here, it is recommended that you start to get out here a lot, possibly live in a tent or with someone you know. If the trial period is open, you can only apply during winter at a community meeting - and an address here is never guaranteed

  • Question: Can I bring my dog along with me?
    Answer: Dogs are welcome and they are also welcome to run free. However, be aware that there are other dogs living here and there are many cats and chickens.
    If you cannot control your dog properly, please leave it at home or keep it in a leash. During festivals, you should leave the dog at home.
    Animal cruelty/abuse is NOT tolerated!

  • Question: May I bring a caravan/motorhome?
    Answer: ASK FIRST!
    There are some requirements and rules that must be observed:
  • Caravans/small motorhomes may only be parked at the green area (Den Hvide) in the corresponding "stalls".
  • No parking of cars.
  • No year-round camping.
  • Max. 6 weeks in the summer period and 1-2 weeks out of season.
  • Requirement for a legal number plate on the caravan and it must be possible to move/remove it at short notice.
  • It costs a deposit of DKK 1,500/€ 200 (which you get back when you leave with your caravan) and DKK 10 per person. day to borrow the land, if one is allowed.
  • Tents must not be pitched there, but awnings are ok as long as there is space.
  • No bonfires allowed at the green area.
  • No rubbish.
  • No noisy behavior and it must be quiet after 21.00 at the green area.
  • Be considerate! ❤