Thylejrens Homepage

For visitors

If you want to visit Thylejren for several days, there are three rules that you must adhere to.

The rules are:

No hard drugs.

No violence.

No theft.

You pay 10 kr/night (cash!) while you are here, you can pay in Bixen, our small shop, which is open every day at. 10-13 and 16-18.

Be kind and accommodating towards your neighbor.

Remember: It is also our home you are visiting!


If you are a musician (s) and would like to go to the Camp and play for a bunch of dance-loving hippies and other good people, you are welcome.

Write to us on Facebook: Thylejren

A guided tour for smaller groups (max 25) is also possible, contact Vibeke:

50363373 (10am-1pm or 7-8pm)

Or: 26201660 - Charlotte

You must inquire well in advance, we also have a life!

(It is possible to buy coffee and cake if you announce it in advance - but only for groups over 10 people)